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Melissa J. Renner

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Performer


New Release

The Tails of Zoey and Lenny

The Tails of Zoey and Lenny takes young readers on a journey as Zoey learns to love and accept her new baby brother despite him being so different from her. This book strives to teach young readers about the beauty in differences, open mindedness, and acceptance. The story can not only be a learning opportunity for teaching inclusion and diversity, but can be a great learning opportunity for families introducing a new sibling into the fold; whether that is through adoption, fostering, birth, surrogacy, or a blended family. Taking into consideration that Zoey and Lenny come from vastly different backgrounds it can also relate to children coming together from different socioeconomic statuses.

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About Melissa J. Renner

Meet Melissa Renner, a dynamic entrepreneur, children's book author, and passionate advocate for wellness, movement and inclusivity. As the Founder and CEO of Active For Life, Melissa has pioneered innovative programs like SEATED RHYTHM™ and TAP TIME™, designed to promote both physical and cognitive health through adapted dance and fitness. With several patents pending, including adaptive Tap Shoe Covers and Hand Tap Covers, Melissa's dedication to accessibility in wellness shines through.


Drawing from her extensive background in fitness management and exercise science, Melissa's mission with Active For Life is to ensure that exercise prescriptions reach all populations, especially those often neglected. Her commitment to equality in health and wellness has led her to work with diverse communities worldwide.


Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Melissa is deeply involved in philanthropy, advocating for animal rights, environmental justice, human rights, and the arts. As a board member of various nonprofits, she leverages her passions to make a meaningful impact at grassroots and strategic levels.


In her downtime, Melissa's zest for life is evident in her hobbies. From salsa dancing with a competitive salsa dance team to beekeeping, rock climbing, and exploring the great outdoors, she embraces adventure and connection at every opportunity. Melissa's first children's book, which champions diversity, acceptance, love and inclusivity, reflects her belief in spreading love and kindness through storytelling.


Driven by her dedication to empowering young minds and fostering a culture of wellness and acceptance, Melissa Renner embodies the spirit of positive change, both in business and in life.

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